The Flower Exchange

Trade is good. It is a currency far more valuable than cash because it allows us to explore the true price of goods and services and at the same time connecting us to the community. 

Recently I was lucky enough to trade with the amazing Lentil from Grown and Gathered as part of The Flower Exchange project. The deal was, weeks and weeks worth of beautiful flowers grown in their amazing organic farm for a small milking stool.

If you don't already know, Matt and Lentil are pretty remarkable people. They are doing things that I can only dream about - growing delicious organic foods, incredible flowers and making some amazing pottery too! If you get the chance please say hello, find a way to trade with them, or at the very least buy and eat their amazing produce! 

With their colourful flora occupying the benches, my workshop has never looked so good. And for anyone still interested in the stool, I built it entirely from recycled Brushbox. I used wedged through mortise and tenon joinery for the frame and hand shaped the seat with a plane. The legs are mortised into the seat and connected with blind wedges so it should last many, many years on the farm. 

Also, shortly after these photos were taken, I traded my moustache for an upper lip.  

Photos by me and the amazing Hilary Walker